a  r  c  h  i  t  e  c  t  u  r  e


The studio needed a wall that separated the kitchen from the studio space.  The solution had to be legible of:

  • minimal thickness
  • absorb some sound
  • permit natural light
  • somewhat self-supporting
  • light (all interpretations)
  • playful
  • demountable
  • inexpensive
  • 8ft x 8 ft

blink!LAB is a design and fabrication research studio, so naturally the solution involved both. The goal was to articulate a unique solution given the particularities of the studio context.  


The design places the most solid areas closest to where sound generally originates in the studio – higher when standing in the kitchen and lower when seated at the shared design table.  Once those two centers of origin were determined, the level of perforation could radiate.

By assigning a relationship between location and sound, an algorithm was created which in turn determined perforation sizes.  The resulting pattern is an interpretation of the studio’s activities. 


Eye-Catcher is a panel system of flat stock MDF components cut and scored by a CNC Router to create panels of varying visual transparency. Eight panels, two feet by four feet each, are mounted via a z-clip system to a metal frame.

The pattern of each panel is parametrically linked to the distance from the edge of the panel and amount of surrounding material.  This ensures there is enough material to always achieve a rigid panel. The composition and number of holes and scores vary to address stability requirements.  To further increate variation, some perforation locations were adjusted arbitrarily.  This unpredicted interference in the digital script relieves the final design and allows the eye to travel across the full wall without resting.

The use of parametric design tools, and rigorous full-scale prototypes is part of the studio’s process.   These design and fabrication explorations into craft builds confidence - knowing the complexity, material constraints and areas of flexibility and schedule.  Digital Design and Craft open a new avenue for bespoke solutions at attractive prices. 

What interests is not merely to create form, but the discovery of the effect of form.

KEY: Computational Design, Material Performance, Craft, CNC Fabrication, Parametric

EYE-CATCHER Divider Wall 

Design, Fabrication, Installation
Project Size: 8FT X 8FT
Material Cost: $250 

Digital Craft