a  r  c  h  i  t  e  c  t  u  r  e

How do we plan for the next 30 years?  That was the core question that excited us to partner with the East Oakland Boxing Association through the 1% Pro Bono program. EOBA’s thirty year-old facility located in the heart of an industrial zone was over-due for upgrade. The Conceptual Development study for the EOBA lays a series of physical and programmatic steps that can be taken to re-imagine the center's assets. 


Industrial sites are intriguing to blinkLAB because our interest is typological transformation through an examination of complex performance requirements.  As a result, our process seeks to find the confluence of ecology, economy, understanding the desires of people and the management of resources into finely-tuned eco-engines.  At the core is always a new vision for nature.  Interactive Model here.

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blink!LAB architecture

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  a design and research studio.  We focus on the
  transformative potential of space, buildings and the
  urban landscape.  Results are unpredictable, socially
  innovative and culturally stimulating.