BLINK!LABarchitecture, inc

4228 martin luther king, jr. way
oakland, ca 94609
t 510.326.2176

BLINK!LAB is an experimental platform for research crossing boundaries from design, fabrication, robotics and architecture.  Our fascination is form generation influenced by latent forces in the metropolis - unpredictable, socially innovative and culturally stimulating.  The lab's mission is to articulate aspirations and confessions of human life present in the workings of latent economic and psycho-geo-political forces with the intention of deriving form.  Our desire is a greater understanding of the plasticity of people, tectonics, sculpture, the urban landscape.

At BLINK!LAB we see design as an indicator of how we value people.  We also have a responsibility to pull the future forward. 

Our philosophy rests on the built environment as possibly one of the most important political decisions affecting society as a whole.  Architectural space can be a catalyst to change.  By utilizing our knowledge of architecture, art, contemporary and emerging social structures, as well as, economic transformations, we understand more clearly than most the infinite potential of the architectural inquiry. 

Without boundary from digital cinematic design to parametric fabrication - we accept the potential to massively influence human behavior.   

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